Boston, We’ve Got a LineUp! – HOCR 2017

East Bay Rowing Club will race in the upcoming Head of the Charles in Boston in October.  A women’s 8+ made the lottery and since learning those news, the ladies have been training hard and endured some seat racing to define the line up.  Here’s Christina Jenkins’ account. Now on to compete and qualify for 2018! 


I’m racing in Boston next month! The @eastbayrowingclub is sending a boat to Head of the Charles, the most famous rowing event in the country, and our lineup was announced this morning. It can be hard to isolate individual contributions in a boat with 8 rowers, so we raced each other this week in two smaller boats to figure it out: Each boat started out with a certain group of four, we raced for 4 minutes, and then we switched 1 rower from each boat and did it again. That way, you can tell which lineup is faster, and who is likely responsible. This also required several rounds of mid-estuary boat-twister. (ALSO – a 3-inch 🐟 jumped into my seat in the middle of the first race and I could feel it flopping around but it was too dark to see what was happening at 6:15am and I thought it was a 🐍!) #HOCR #seatracing #animalsinboats

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