East Bay Rowing Club on TV!

National Learn to Row Day is one of the most important days in the calendar for the East Bay Rowing Club. The 2017 edition did not disappoint, with a sold out event, a boathouse full of rowers, and a slightly overcast day that made midday rowing a little more forgiving.

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Learn To Row: June 2017

Don’t miss this chance to try something new! Join us for National Learn To Row day on Saturday, June 3. And register for our popular 7-session Learn To Row Program. Space is limited in both.

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Learn To Row, #RowToRio edition

August 3-13: Watch Team USA row for gold in Rio de Janeiro.

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National Learn To Row Day 2016

National Learn To Row Day 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to row, or you’d like to get back into the sport, now is the time.
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Learn To Row: January 2016

Don’t miss this chance to try something new in 2016! Join us for a 7-session Learn To Row Program starting Saturday, 1/16. (Space is limited.)

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Learn To Row, August Edition

Did you miss our June Learn To Row clinic? Join us Sunday, August 30, from 9-11:30 am to see whether this sport is right for you. Continue reading…

National Learn To Row Day 2015


June 6 started out gray, but the sun came out in time to welcome a record 75 participants to our National Learn To Row Day event. Continue reading…

Learn To Row: June 6

National Learn to Row Day
National Learn to Row Day

Join us at the boathouse on Saturday, June 6, for the 14th annual National Learn To Row Day, sponsored by USRowing and Concept2! Spend three and a half hours with the EBRC men, women, and coaches to find out more about the sport and our team. Continue reading…

Learn To Row – January 11, 2015

DSC_0067Looking for a little adventure to kick off 2015?  How about learning to row? Come on down to the boathouse on Sunday, January 11, for our first Learn to Row (LTR) of the year. Continue reading…

Dana King inspires Oakland Tech rowers and recruits

Dana-King-EBRCTo kick off the new school year, EBRC hosted a Learn To Row event for the Oakland Technical High School Rowing club on Saturday, September 6. We were delighted to welcome Dana King, Oakland city council candidate, former journalist, and World Class gold medal rower as our keynote speaker.

As a reporter, King won five Emmy awards, but she earned a lot more hardware on the water. King won a gold medal in the 2006 FISA Master’s World Championship along with Peggy Johnston, Dede Birch, and Eileen Hansen — just one of the many medals in a case that King brought to show students.

A latecomer to rowing in her 30s, King broke rowing down for the O.T. Crew and their potential recruits. “It isn’t how strong you are, it isn’t how tall you are, it isn’t how much you weigh,” she said.

“It’s — how big is your heart? That’s what rowing is.”

King pulled no punches when she talked about the pain of rowing. She bears the scars of a dozen years in the boat — stitches from this race, a snapped tendon from that race…but the pain was fleeting.

“It’s a sport of a lifetime, it truly is,” King said. “It’s the most remarkable gift I’ve given myself.”

Rowing becomes part of who you are, she told the Oakland Tech students. It’s how you define yourself, not on someone else’s terms, but on your own. You can tell yourself, “I row hard, I row fast, and people can count on me in a boat.”

And that flows over into life, she said. “This is one of those sports…it is for everybody, but it’s not for everybody.”

“This will be a test of who you are,” she challenged.

Watch the video of Dana King’s full speech:

The O.T. Crew, inaugurated in 2012, is sponsored by EBRC. Program director Gulliver Scott, who coaches the EBRC intermediate squads, described his vision for the O.T. Crew and youth rowing throughout Oakland and beyond.

“It’s a great sport that has a lot to offer,” Scott said. “The community that forms, the bonds that form, really last a lifetime and, I think, are really important.” Twenty years from now, he told the students, he’d love to see them standing where he is now, talking to a new youth crew ready to get out on the water.

The O.T. Crew welcomed back nine returning team members this fall and gained more than 20 novices for the coming season. Go, Bulldongs!