New Practice Schedule and Coaches

A new year brings changes in our practice schedule and awesome new coaches. Find out more! Continue reading…

Member P(row)file: Verita Molyneaux

Meet Verita Molyneaux, a member of the “tough” class of the January 2017 Learn To Row.  Continue reading…

Rower P(row)file: Kevin Lowe

Kevin Lowe, one of the tough 8 of the Winter 2017 Learn To Row Class. Albeit small, this group of determined rowers made it through a very wet winter and have now transitioned into Club team.
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EBRC’s own Frederika Horton travels to Bled, Slovenia for World Rowing Masters Regatta and strikes gold & silver!

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EBRC P(row)file: Erin Griffith

Meet Erin Griffith, one of the fastest women at EBRC and a natural competitor who takes the words “empty the tank” to heart. At 2017 Southwest Regionals, she collected hardware on every event she participated! This girl is all business.  Continue reading…

EBRC P(row)file: Jose Vergara

Meet Jose Vergara, Club Team. Jose is a regular at erg practices so he’s in the boathouse nearly everyday of the week. Originally from Brazil, Jose is known for his commitment to rowing and the team while running a successful immigration law practice. Read on to find out more about him.
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EBRC P(row)file: Jen

Nov 4: Jen, Val, Carla, and Allison
2015 nov4+: Jen, Val, Carla, and Allison

Q: When did you start rowing, and why?

A: I came in as a complete novice in 2014. Continue reading…

EBRC P(row)file: Dawn

Lisa, Hilary, Diane, and Dawn

Q: When did you start rowing, and why?

A: I did a Learn to Row in May 2011. It looked like a fun way to get exercise. Continue reading…

EBRC P(row)file: Helen K.

Pauline, Jolie, Helen, and Gina after Head of the Lagoon

Q: When did you start rowing, and why?

A: Fall 2007. I needed to find an athletic activity after many years of competitive soccer. Continue reading…