The East Bay Rowing Club offers unique and highly effective team building events for companies, nonprofits, military veterans, and other organizations. Our events are designed to enhance individual and team growth through hands-on rowing experiences that have a strong connection to teamwork, trust, and communication. This helps strengthen the cohesiveness of your group while providing each participant key insights into how to work more effectively together.

Rowing is known worldwide as the ultimate team sport. Each rower in the boat must be completely in sync with all the other rowers. If one person is off, the entire boat suffers. We have condensed our extensive experience with rowing into extremely effective—and fun—team building sessions.

Trust Through Rowing

We offer a three and a six hour program. Read below to find the best fit.

3-hour program

30 minutes

To prepare for rowing in the estuary, you’ll begin the day with an introduction to the rowing stroke while still on land! We’ll teach you proper form using the ergometer, an indoor rowing machine that is used by all competitive and recreational rowers. Every participant will learn the exact same drills that we use on the water every morning, and will develop the confidence to apply this technique in a boat. The “erg” is an ideal tool for participants of all ages and physical abilities; it’s low impact and does not require any previous fitness experience.

30 minutes

 After learning the rowing stroke, you’ll study a rowing shell (boat) and its components up close. What’s starboard, and where’s the stern? Rowers actually face backwards, or away from the direction we’re moving, so it’s important to learn some technical terminology while we’re still on land and can examine the shell up close! This is when you’ll learn how to use your oar, practice putting an 8-person shell in the water in unison, and understand how critical it is to trust the person sitting in front of and behind you.

90 minutes:

It’s time to get on the water! You’ll board an 18-person, flat-bottom rowing barge (very stable) and put into practice what you’ve learned. We’re fortunate to row in the Oakland Estuary, a gorgeous body of water that provides a unique view of Oakland’s Jack London Square, the Port of Oakland’s cranes, and the colorful Alameda houseboats. The Oakland Estuary has seen some of the most epic rowing races in history, and UC Berkeley’s crew teams row out of a boathouse nearby. You’ll have plenty of time to experience the unique kind of teamwork that is required to move a boat in unison, and we’ll make sure to take some photos of you in action!

30 minutes:

After heading back to the dock, you’ll have the opportunity to debrief this collaborative experience with your colleagues and our highly experienced coaching staff. We’ll share rowing stories, and talk about the essential lessons about teamwork that can be applied both on and off the water.

6-hour program

Our six hour program begins with the first 3 hours (above), includes lunch, and invites participants to take out 8-person racing shells in the afternoon! After practicing in the barge, participants are ready to experience the same type of boats that competitive rowers use: 8 rowers plus a coxswain to steer!


No previous experience with rowing is required or necessary.


EBRC provides all equipment, including Personal Flotation Devices, boats, oars, ergometers, and safety instruction.


EBRC’s experienced coaching staff are facilitators for our team building events. Each team building session has one or two highly skilled facilitators, depending on group size.

Group Size

Our team building sessions can have up to 36 participants. The minimum size is 8.

Program Length

Each session is 3 hours, either in the morning or the afternoon. Start and stop times are flexible, based on the needs of your organization.


~ $100 per person

Food and Beverages:

Meals, snacks, and beverages can be provided at an additional cost.

Contact Us:

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