Rower P(row)file: Kevin Lowe

Kevin Lowe, one of the tough 8 of the Winter 2017 Learn To Row Class. Albeit small, this group of determined rowers made it through a very wet winter and have now transitioned into Club team.

Photo above (Kevin on 3 seat) – Southwest Regionals 2017

When did you start rowing, and why?

I started rowing in January 2017. I was looking for something outdoors but close to the city during the week. A colleague of mine was a member of EBRC and encouraged me to try it out.

What’s your favorite EBRC story?

I started in the January Learn To Row program. Unfortunately I had to miss the first two practices, which were done under a total downpour. Fortunately for me, and to the chagrin of the team mates, it only rained once after I joined. Got lucky I guess.  Our group thinks we are hardiest of rowers because we started in the wettest winter in a while.

Kevin Lowe (Club) carrying boatQ: What’s the best thing you’ve learned from a coach (so far)?

During Learn To Row and the novice program, I exclusively rowed on port. Well, with one exception! During one our Saturday practices, the novices were mixed with more experienced rowers and I got seated on bow seat. You can imagine the results: I caught four crabs. That was the last time I rowed on starboard. (Note from the editor: I was in 2 seat and Kevin was a trooper recovering like a champ from those crabs)

Well, that’s what I thought at the time. When I moved up to the club team, Rocky immediately switched me to starboard. He really did not give me any reason; he just told me I had to row starboard side and to just do it. Needless to say, it was a bit of struggle to row at higher rates and with more experienced rowers on this new side.  However, I’ve got to hand it to Rocky as now I starting to feel more comfortable on starboard and realizing I can row on both sides.

Q: What do you do when you’re not rowing?

A:  I work a lot. I am a mechatronics (mechanical and electrical) engineer and work on hydropower technology for a company based in Alameda. I caught the renewable energy bug, so I moved down to the Bay Area area to be a part of it. I am still trying out different hobbies here in the Bay Area: I surf with my girlfriend. I am originally from Vancouver where I was primarily a mountain person: skiing and hiking. Since the mountains here are a little far–well, my kind of mountains, I have switched over to things I can do around the Bay.

What has changed most in your life since you started rowing?

Getting up early in the morning, which is kind of a struggle but very beneficial because it gets me out of bed and active in the morning before I go to work.

How old are you right now?


Port or starboard?

Both. Thanks Rocky!

Why do you row?

I row because I love being a part of a team, working on my own strength and endurance and of course being outside.

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