San Diego Crew Classic – We Will Be Back, Baby!

The first regatta of the season came and went for masters rowing. While the bling eluded us, ERBC’s boats had a strong showing and are now, more than ever,  ready to take on the season ahead hungry for some hardware. Find out results and videos of the regatta. 

Event No 39 – Mens Masters Club Champ – 1st Petite Final

With the third fastest raw time of the event on Saturday and the fastest raw time in the finals (grand and petite) on Sunday, age handicap and heat line up played against our boat participating in the Final. Despite the bittersweet result, our team rallied and beat all others highhandedly in the Petite Final. The numbers below speak for themselves.

Heat 1 Results


Heat 2 ResultsEvent39Heat2Results

Petite Final



Event 34 – Womens Masters B Fred Rickon Memorial Cup – 3rd Place

With 4 double-rookies (1st SDCC & first 2k race), the B boat finished in 3rd place after a battle with Lincoln Park. Despite a slowish start and being on the outermost lane (5), EBRC quickly gained ground in the first 500 meters. Watch the race and listen to the commentator mention EBRC throughout the piece!



Event 37 – Womens Masters E Kearney Johnston Cup – 4th Place

In an incredibly dramatic and eventful race, led by coxswain Peter Choi, our boat finished 4th in this incredibly competitive category plagued by “rolodex” teams. With gusty and choppy conditions and a competing boat meandering into our lane, EBRC had the best showing ever in this category.

EBoat Results

Event 43 – Founders Trophy  Mens Masters D – 6th Place

Crew Classic is notorious for gnarly conditions as the day progresses. Races slow down as a consequence and crews have to battle the wind and the chop. A false start and broken equipment resulting in a delayed start, left crews sitting in windy and cold conditions for over 25 minutes. With 3 rowers having raced twice prior to the race and an outer lane, made this race challenging for our crew. Nonetheless, EBRC was able to regroup and finish strong with a good sprint, taking over a boat before the finish line.


All in all, the crews are fired up for the 2018 season. Racing at the Crew Classic is an exciting and challenging experience, which serves as the perfect stepping stone to conquer the season ahead.

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