Backwards : The Movie

Stop the presses – there’s a new movie about rowing! Relive all of your most self-conscious moments about getting swapped during seat races or the weigh-in. Remember the internal drama and angst between rower and coach after a hard prescribed land workout. Watch your split times go higher that James Van Der Beek’s hairline. Just the sounds of the horn and whoosh of the stroke in Dobly Surround sound makes this movie get two thumbs up in EBRC’s book. When it comes to teenage rowing dramas, Backwards : The Movie is leading the regatta right up Dawson’s Creek. I only hope that this Hollywood rowing trend keeps up, as Danny Devito needs to rejuvenate his career in the coxswain’s seat of the next blockbuster.

Learn to Row Day : July 21st @ JLAC

East Bay Rowing Club is hosting opened its doors to the public on National Learn to Row Day, Saturday, July 21st, 2012. Visitors toured the boathouse, got a crash course in indoor rowing (erging), along with the basics of the rowing stroke and a brief overview of the equipment used and programs offered at East Bay Rowing Club. Despite the somewhat windy conditions, visitors got out on the water with a quick trip out into the estuary in an “eight” with an experienced coxswain and rowers to guide them. Looking forward to our next event in January.